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West Coast Overland - Maintenance. Repair. Performance.

The passion behind West Coast Overland began in 2008 when our Founder purchased his first Land Rover from the dealer in Lexington, Kentucky - a 2004 Discovery Series II. He had been obsessively searching for just the right one and this one checked all the boxes- it was the right year, the right color, the right interior, the right options/trim-level, one-owner, no accidents, and low miles! The truck was like nothing he had ever owned before. It wasn't fast, it wasn't flashy, yet it was somehow irresistible. Charming. Endearing. It was purposeful, with a seriousness about it. Confidence-inspiring. You see, there is a romance to this brand and it can be difficult to explain but is very easy to understand. These trucks speak to their owners and drivers in a way that other vehicles just do not. They are never out of their element, be it a night at the opera or traversing the Serengeti. They are classless, adored equally by royalty and the working class. The love affair with Land Rover had begun, and would only grow over the years to come.


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