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Land Rover Upfitting in Portland, Oregon

At West Coast Overland we believe that the potential of your Land Rover isn't just about the drive; it's about the journey. We offer elite Land Rover upfitting in Portland, Oregon, to transform your ride into a custom-tailored adventure companion. 


Imagine driving through the untamed Northwestern wild with a Land Rover that's been beefed up to handle any challenge the great outdoors throws at it. Our Land Rover customization service includes a comprehensive range of enhancements designed to cater to the needs of the modern explorative driver. We are the custom shop that takes pride in maintaining, servicing, and elevating Land Rovers, ensuring they never fall short of the lifestyle they beckon. 

Embrace Possibility With Our Upfitting Offerings ​

From sturdy bumpers and reliable roof racks to snorkels that let you breathe easy during river crossings, we have every piece of equipment you need to push beyond the beaten path. Our winches and lighting options will keep the night and recovery situations illuminated, while suspension upgrades and tires ensure a smooth ride over rough landscapes. For those seeking advanced Land Rover upgrades, we offer locking differentials, big brake kits, and other mechanical enhancements that provide the kind of robust agility sought by off-road adventurers. 

Personalized Craftsmanship for Every Adventure 

Your Land Rover is as unique as your fingerprint, so we approach each project with the same level of individuality and dedication. Our dedicated team of professionals is brimming with enthusiasm, and their goal is to make your vision of the perfect overlanding vehicle a reality. We listen to your needs and craft bespoke solutions that blend seamlessly with the iconic design of your Land Rover, delivering a combination of sophistication, power, and practicality. 


Customer Satisfaction at the Heart of Everything 

With our no-compromise approach, we go the extra mile to ensure that every performance upgrade, each added feature, and every bit of weathered terrain is met with the same level of excellence. Whether it's a simple maintenance job or a complex overhaul, our professional staff bring unparalleled honesty and a genuine passion for your adventure. 


Your journey begins with our Land Rover upfitting in Portland, Oregon. Contact our shop and take the first step to transforming your driving experience. Unleash adventure with West Coast Overland.

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